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Editorial statement

A snippet is a short, self-contained note, approximately the length of two or three paragraphs. Its main purpose is to draw attention to a specific problem, an intriguing detail, a little-known or unnoticed aspect of a topic that may not require a lengthy and comprehensive development, but is nonetheless worth pointing out.

Bear in mind that a snippet is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive article (and it cannot be one due to its brevity). It is neither an in-depth exploration of a given subject, nor a summary of more extensive research.

You can view and download an example of a snippet on American literature.

Areas of interest

Currently, the journal consists of two volumes – American Literature and Cognitive Linguistics.
Specific areas of interest include but are not limited to:

American Literature:

Cognitive Linguistics:

Copyright and Open Access policy

Brief is an open access journal. We believe that the access to scholarly materials should be as wide as possible. Therefore, all content in the Journal is, and will always be, available free of charge and without any restrictions, apart from the ones resulting from copyright and author’s moral rights.

At the same time, all texts published in Brief remain the property of their authors and are protected by copyright. Readers are free to:

However, it should be remembered that the following conditions must be satisfied:

We also accept snippets licensed under Creative Commons licenses, which may grant additional rights to readers. If you wish to apply this kind of license to you text, include a copyright notice with the URL of the license at the end of your snippet (see the Creative Commons website for details).

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