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Guidelines for authors


Please, make sure that that you read and understand the copyright section.

Submissions to both volumes are solicited twice a year. All submissions should be written in English and are to be approximately 500 words (excluding references) with additional half a page for diagrams, pictures or other images (if any). The text should double-spaced, written in 12pt Times New Roman or Nimbus Roman No9 L, and formatted in accordance with the recent MLA Style Manual (American Literature) and Harvard Stylesheet (Cognitive Linguistics). Articles that do not follow MLA or Harvard style respectively will be rejected.

All snippets should be submitted to the following email address: submissions(at) The "Subject" field of the email should contain the author’s name and the title of the volume for which the text is intended (American Literature or Cognitive Linguistics). Texts should be sent as an email attachment in the form of a MS Word, LibreOffice (ODF) or Rich Text Format (RTF) file and should be accompanied by the author’s name and academic affiliation. Diagrams and images can be sent in PNG, GIF, or JPG formats. All graphics should be submitted in an individual file (possibly as a ZIP archive).

You can view and download an example of a snippet on Cognitive Linguistics and American literature.

Reviewing process

Texts will be checked anonymously by two reviewers. Each of them will mark the text with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ In the case of tie, the text will be read by a third reviewer.

The autor(s) will be notified if their text has been approved (a yes/no decision without additional comments) no later than one month before the publication of each issue. Once rejected, the text can be modified and remains valid for one resubmission.

Note that simultaneous submissions are not acceptable, so please do not send texts which are also being reviewed elsewhere. Do not submit another text if one authored by you is already under consideration.

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