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Special Issue. Canadians and the Environment: Historical, Cultural, and Literary Perspectives (August 2014)

  • “Introduction” – Joanna Durczak
  • “Northern Canadian environment at risk – from Elizabeth Hay's Late Nights on Air to Andrew Nikiforuk's 'Canada's Highway to Hell'” – Marta Wójcik
  • “The Day of Doom. Canadian style” – Edyta Krajewska
  • “Wolves and alienation: from Marx to Seton to Mowat” – David Shauffler
  • “Enacting Nature: Stories and Practices Reflecting Coastal First Nations Deep Connection to the Natural World” – Rafał Madeja
  • “Ethereal Permanence: A Study of Settlement in the Canadian North” – Krysia Bussière

Current issue (Issue 2, May 2014)

  • “Identities Assumed, Personal Spaces Violated. Tom Sharpe’s Protagonist in Search of his Inner Self” – Zbigniew Głowala
  • “Uncanny Space in Poppy Z. Brite’s Drawing Blood” – Agnieszka Kotwasińska
  • “Macdonald and Mailer ‘Against the American Grain’” – Tadeusz Lewandowski
  • “A Stranger in the Mirror – the Broken Mirror Stage in John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me” – Michał Moliński

Issue 1, June 2011

  • “Jean Binta Breeze's ‘Slam Poem’ and the Politics of Dancehall” – Bartosz Wójcik
  • “Environmental Philosophy and Space in Literature: Landscaping and the Chronotope” – Chris Pak
  • “All Ketchum’s Ladies” – Dorota Wiśniewska
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